Identify The Integral and Perceive The Matrix: The Reader’s Guide, 1


The Symbiotic Matrix is a model for analysis, prediction, and manipulation of human behavior. Applications are: A) SimSym Reality, and B) Liberated Reality. Guides 1 and 2 are for Applications A and B, and Guides 3 and 4 are for Application B only. This is Guide 1.


The Symbiotic Matrix is a model that can be used to analyze, predict, and manipulate human behavior. It is based on the notion that Ideas, an invisible species, live in symbiosis with Humans to make Stuff, and that all three exist as one system to serve Life’s purpose.

The Symbiotic Matrix has two applications, Liberated Reality aka Enlightenment, and SimSym Reality aka Augmented Intelligence, which can be realized using The Integral Method. The Integral Method is covered briefly here in Guide 1, and fully in Guide 2.

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